The Yamhill Partnership for Land & Water's mission is:


Conserving and enhancing 
the lands & waters of Yamhill County 
for its long-term economic & environmental 
vitality and enjoyment.

The Yamhill Partnership  for Land & Water works to conserve significant individual and connected lands & waters that give the Yamhill County area its unique character -- lands & waters that are either of conservation interest, are representative working landscapes, or provide enjoyment as parks and natural spaces.

Starting as a loose alliance of organizations, the group began meeting in 2008 to identify common issues, to develop a mission statement, to connect with all organizations with an interest in Yamhill County's Lands & Waters, and to develop high level goals.

With a mission statement in hand, in 2009 the group formalized its organization through signed "statements of cooperation".  The group is a loose affiliation in that it is not a separate organization, raises and spends no money of its own, but only works through areas of mutual benefit out of each organization's own budget.  A backgrounder can be found here.

In May, 2010, we compiled a map of key natural areas and of public ownership, courtesy of the Nature Conservancy and began developing an action plan & goals.

In 2010 and 2011, the partners are engaging in a series of strategic planning exercises to understand the scope of resources, the threats and to develop priorities and strategies for addressing threats and opportunities in the county.

Current work to be done is summarized in: Future Work.

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Smilacia stellata in second growth Douglas Fir forest, Yamhill County.
(c) William Neuhauser, 2006
Quercus garryana and barn in snow, Yamhill County.
(c) William Neuhauser, 2006